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Mission and Outreach

isight_softballOur primary mission field is right here in Black Mountain and the Swannanoa Valley. 

God created the church to be the primary tool for making disciples of Jesus His Son.  We believe that our local church ought to be full of local "missionaries" passionate to support the church by giving faithfully of their fiscal resources and going out into the mission field right in their "backyards". 

What We're Doing Locally:     

There are many group and individual opportunities for ministry to and with the children and staff of the PHFC.  There are a number of standing opportunities open to folks from Isight to participate in, and we are always finding new opportunities, which we'll let you know about as they arise. In addition to our opportunities in our "home" location, Isight seeks to find as many different means of service Black Mountain as possible, be it meals for families in need or cleaning up local facilities. And we're always looking for more ways to expand that influence into the Black Mountain and Swannanoa communities. Let us know if you have a need!

               What We're Doing Abroad:

Isight has found itself naturally involved with international missions along a couple of fronts. We are connected to several missionary families that have been sent by the EPC into various church-planting efforts. We've also sent people on medium-term trips to places like the Middle East and South Africa. Isight has an ongoing relationship with Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We have planned short-term trips with them as well as collaborating from the States on several projects.




Isight undertakes regular and tangible expressions of love and service for the Black Mountain community. If you know of needs or have ideas for service, please email Anthony Rodriguez to bring those things to our attention.

A few causes and agencies we are connected with would enjoy your support.  Click on the links below to donate to them.

Living Water International:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church:

Black Mountain Home for Children: